Some Sites to check out

All Free Sewing

I found this website by accident. It is a wealth of information. It’s youtube on steroids for quilters and crafters! This site has tutorials for everything from adjusting your bra’s to different types of stabilizers. There are also a variety of video patterns on many different topics! They also have a great tutorial on “How to use your Precuts!” It’s in their blog which is really great to subscribe too! Take a few minutes to check it out!


FaveQuilts favequilts


Favequilts is another site loaded with help and ideas for quilters! They also have a blog which sends you a list of new patterns they release along with many other things. For example, a list of quilts to make with fat quarters, a list of the top 10 quilt patterns which have been downloaded along with a list of what to make with things like ribbon, lace, velvet, paper, old jeans, old blankets, it goes on and on.  They state, “Our top priority here is to provide you with a fabulous catalog of free quilt patterns of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels!” They have a great search engine and you can make an account and save the patterns you like. If you find a pattern at another site, you can also upload it to their site to be added to the free pattern!

Facebook, FMQ with Ren and Sue

I don’t need to say much about this group as Sue Hassell has just written up a list of all the things that are available for the group. Included are instructions for quilts to make with detailed instructions on how to quilt, whole cloth quilts with video’s and more than I can explain. If there was a reason for you to be on Facebook, this would be a group you would want to join. Even if you watched one of their video’s a week you would learn so much for absolutely no cost! You can’t beat that! Here is some of the list:

General Sewing/Quilting Videos

1. Quilting Around The Corners
(I will show you how I quilt around the corners of my blocks)

2. Bump Back vs. Full Feathers

3. Bump Back Feathers

4. Short Video of Cross Hatch

6. Pebbles
(Just a small video of me stitching pebbles)

7. Stitching Cathedral Windows/Orange Peel

8. Cross Hatch or Grid Work

9. Cathedral Windows/Orange Peel

10. My Blue Gloves

11. A Few Quilting Supplies and My Machine

13. Easy Cathedral Windows

14. How To Make Paisleys

15. Tooth Shaped Plumes

16. Stitching Feathers Inside of A Triangle

17. Sketching Feathers Inside Triangles

18. Two Ways To Stitch Vines and Leaves

19. Stitching Swirls For Fillers

20. How To Draw/Stitch Feathers Inside Diamonds

21. Free motion ruler work on a longarm…how to avoid stitching in the ditch but getting a good effect.

22. Curved edge ruler work on a longarm

23. How to FMQ spiders

Eye Candy, a Laugh, and a Tech Tip



elephant-pillow1I came across a website that offers instruction on all types of technical things. He explains terminology along with instruction explaining things like streaming and downloading. How to make money on YouTube. How to use Snapchat and Instagram. How to use Google photos which I am always telling people to use because it’s FREE! And best of all What is Pokeman Go????? Definitely check them out and bookmark his page and even sign up for his newsletter!

And for a good laugh, watch and listen to a video from the Hoopsisters, Shift Happens!



Enjoy every day, as we love to create no matter who likes it or doesn’t, we loved making it for them!


Cathy  😀

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