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New Bench Pillows From Kimberbell

There is a new BOM set of patterns that have been released this year by Kimberbell which are Bench Pillows or pillows that are 16×38 inches long. You would buy one pillow and then purchase the patterns of your choice. They are all pre cut, pre fused applique kits. They are fused with Heat ‘n’ lite fusible material so it will be a soft pillow. You do need to add your own fabrics to these kits as the kit comes with a pattern.

The patterns are well written and easy to follow. She also gives you information on how to make the pillow form if you do not want to pay the $23.00 for the one they have created for you to purchase. Here are a few pictures of the upcoming months.

kbbpfeb kbbpjan KimberBell July kbbpdec

The Big Book of Table Toppers

This is a new book which you will have to wait for as it is being released the first of the year! It’s going to be one of those books your going to have to have!! It has 56 patterns in it designed by many different designers. I’m sure this is going to be a go to book for many quilt shops to do BOM as there are so many different table toppers to choose from.

The book is put out by Martingate and here are a few samples to get you excited about the book!

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Chattanooga Quilt show winners

If you have a few minutes to sit and look at some beautiful quilts, here is the link to the Chattanooga Quilt show winners! It’s always the first thing I like to do when there is a AQS quilt show, go look at the quilts. I’m always surprised by a completely different take on some quilts which I hadn’t been exposed to. For example, last February the AQS show in Phoenix, almost every quilt had sparkle fabric in it. I was amazed! So many people made quilts with the same type of fabric! So, enjoy the show!

Multiple  Mitered Borders Made Easy

I read a wonderful tutorial this week about making Multiple Mitered Borders Made Easy by a blogger named Nadine at Fabric Bias. This is one of the best mitered borders tutorials I have ever seen, even from my books. Her math is simplified and her pictures are very explanatory.

This isn’t the only tutorial she has on her site. She has a great one for making perfect matched points by the placement of your pin. It makes perfect sense when you read her explanation.

I think you will enjoy visiting Fabric Bias. 

Enjoy every day, as we love to create no matter who likes it or doesn’t, we loved making it for them!

Cathy  😀

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