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Last blog I told you about Joan Hawleys new All Buttoned Up pattern. Well she introduced a new products to accompany the pattern and a few more! This is what she has to say “Think of this as fabric construction paper. We are going to fuse a little, cut a little, stitch a little and done! Meet the new Stiff Stuff Crafts. All four of these designs use the same recipe, working with 10? squares, to create a ‘sandwich’. Cut shapes, stitch the edges, then finish. These new Lazy Girls are quick, easy, and addictive. Perfect for year-end crafting, stitching and gifting”


New Stiff Stuff Squares

The unique properties of Stiff Stuff from my Sew Lazy line bring these designs to life. Stiff Stuff is like the perfect hybrid between stiff/crunchy/thick interfacings and foam. Stiff Stuff has structure, but is forgiving, lightweight and thin. They are ready to go for any of the new patterns. Each pack includes four 10″ squares. That’s enough to try all four new patterns.



Fusi-Bond Lite

You are also going to need some of my Fusi-Bond Lite adhesive web to tie everything together. Fusi provides an amazing bond with the feel of ‘cush’, like a gel insole between your fabric and Stiff Stuff.




Button Up! buttonup-600x229

Get ready for a whole new line of amazing buttons from Just Another Button Company! These Snack Packs of gorgeousness are small-batch, hand-dyed buttons, in 35 custom colors to fit today’s fabric and crafting trends. One Snack Pack will make all of our new Girls. Oh my goodness! I want them all! More about these beauties in an upcoming post.

She has 4 new patterns which use all these products. Each pattern is one square of the Stiff Stuff Square, and 2 10″ blocks. Here are the patterns!

Prezzies $10
A sweet, delicate and simple wrap for little-ish things. Wrap a treasure in beauty for gifting, or hold small things in a beautiful way. For gifting, the recipient can gift again. Wrap a handwritten note with a small gift. More personal than a box for jewelry. Pack delicate items for
travel or in your purse. I adore the simple elegance of this fabric wrap.


Tray Chic  $10tray-chic

Get ready to fall in love with these elegant, simple, stylish trays in three shapes. I already have these all over my studio, holding supplies while I work. Perfect valets for your goodies: keys, phone, eye glasses, etc. Don’t tell the Hexi or Square trays, but the Circle is my fav.




Gifty Card Holders $10
Easily personalize or wrap a gift card with these two sweet styles. The Keeper style wraps closed like a little envelope. The Tag style looks great tied to a package or as a tree ornament. They are my new essentials in gift card giving! One 10? sandwich makes two Keeper style or four Tag style holders.


And of course the one I shared before Button Boats.lazy-girl







Jardi is the easiest way to hang jars on a wall – functional, safe and removable.  They are made of a high quality silicone that holds wide mouth mason jars securely.  The package includes everything you need to hang two jars.$13.99


– Free Motion Quilting – Machine Embroidery – Free Motion Couching
– English Paper Piecing – Hand Applique – Machine Applique

88 colors, wound on cherry wood spool bases, 300 yards per spool $7.20

New from Cottage Mama


Some ideas for the Holidays!!

A Quilting Life has a great pillow tutorial for you! She says “Grab your 2 1/2″ wide scraps in red, green, and aqua along with some background fabric and have fun stitching this patchwork Christmas tree pillow!”


Sew Fresh Quilts has a interesting quilt pattern to make with the impression of a bear!



Happy, Cut, Sew Repeat Quilting has a nice table runner for you to use up some of your scraps.


Mary and Patch has a fun pincushion to make. It takes small pieces of fabric so you can use 2 fat quarters.




Some good news about Jamie Wallen’s quilts! His trailer was found and some of his quilts. There was some of his products in the trailer and they arrested the man who stole the trailer. They are trying to get information from him as to where the rest of the quilts were. They have started a gofund me account to try and help him out since this is his lively hood.

Enjoy every day, as we love to create no matter who likes it or doesn’t, we loved making it for them!

Cathy  😀






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