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Eileen Roche Blog, Monster Magnetic Hoop

Eileen Roche, Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery, has a blog post this week with step by step pictures and instructions on how to use the magnetic 5×7 Monster Hoop on a multi needle embroidery machine. She uses a tee shirt for her demonstration which is perfect for the Monster Hoop. The directions and pictures are terrific. Many times you purchase a specialty hoop like this and when you go to use it you don’t remember the ins and out of the hoop. Since it isn’t either a Brother or a Babylock hoop, the documentation is only given to you by Designs in Machine Embroidery and you must rely on demonstrations or the little bit that comes with the hoops. Step by step instructions like Eileens are nice to keep for references when you want to use this hoop in the future!

Quilt Guild

I joined a new quilt guild this week, it’s called The Online Quilt Guild. I did some research on this group and found it to really fulfill the need of a large quilt guild. They have award winning quilters who have classes on patterns which are included with the video. I love this idea as you can go back and revisit the sections you have problems with. There are more patterns than I’ll ever be able to make up in my life time. There is a Facebook group where people post their current projects and ask questions about any problems they maybe having.  They have a great Planner to download with a monthly calendar that comes out every month. It has quilt blocks, BOM, Mini BOM, Doll Patterns, Tea Towel Patterns, Mystery Quilts and forums you can join. There are also different groups you can join like piecing groups, a swap group, or a monthly challenge group. Just like if you were in a real guild! All this for $35 a year! I think this is a pretty good deal. You also get a weekly email on Sundays informing you of all the extra things going on in the guild for the upcoming week. I don’t believe I’ve ever been in a group where I received information like this before! I look forward to seeing if I can get involved in this group and get some new projects done that I’m exposed to from this new group. Check them out and see if you might be interested!


Tee Shirt Quilts

Recently my friend had a tee shirt quilt made and it turned out beautifully. She used a company called, Project Repat. I was going to make a tee shirt quilt for another friend, but when I saw the price she paid for her tee shirt quilt, I knew I couldn’t make one for this price. She paid around $84.00 for a twin size quilt with 24 tee shirts on the top! I thought that was a terrific price! By the time you add the backing and all the cutting time on those shirts, then quilt it, you have way over $84.00 worth of time and materials in quilting costs. If anyone else is interested in this deal, you can sign up at their website and see if they have any specials. They also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with over 100,000 happy customers. But you must get your shirts to them by Sept 15th so you can get your quilt back in a few weeks. Starting on Sept 1, there will be a rush fee to get it back before Christmas.


Christa Watson

Boy, how do I start to talk about Christa Watson, She is an amazing quilter who really shares her craft. She has step by step ‘quilt alongs’ on her website. You really need to sign up for her newsletter. She designs an entire quilt in EQ, then quilts them on a home sewing machine and shares this with you in a ‘Quilt Along’. When you go to visit her website, go to quilt alongs, then scroll down and the first thing you will see are a few blocks she has designed for the Splendid Sampler Quilt. Next you will see a finished quilt along, Simple Strips, which she has posted on the Bernina site. She has all the steps right there on her site.  super-simple-strips-1200-x-1749-bernina-weallsew-blogAfter the Simple Strips you will see her latest ‘Quilt Along’, the Paper Pieced QAL.double-helix2 She is still posting her weekly newsletter on this quilt and has all the steps there for you to see. She starts with the intro and supply list and ends with blocking the quilt. This looks like a beautiful quilt with many different quilting steps. It’s like having a private instructor walk you through the process of quilting your quilt. What a great way to learn how to put different quilt designs on our quilts.

Terrial Magic

I have just started using Terrial Magic and I love it! Embroidering with this product is amazing! store__fabric_stabilizerYou can make your fabric as hard as a piece of paper and it washes right out! You don’t even need to use stabilizer on many occasions! If you watch the youtube video you will see how easy it is to use and that is truly how easy it is to use. I was amazed the first time I tried it how my fabric became so stiff. I thought for sure it would not wash out, but it did, and with no trouble at all!

Not only can you use it for embroidery, but also for all your cricket machines, electric shape cutting machines, and your Accuquilt cutters! It makes your cut out fabric pieces perfect. If you are doing applique, there is no chance of slippage with your tracing when your fabric is like a piece of paper!

A small bottle of Terrial Magic runs around $14.99 at a quilt store and I’m sure JoAnns will be carrying it very soon if they don’t carry it already. It would be a great item to use your 40% off coupon towards, but I am not sure what department you  would find it in.

The Inbox Jaunt

The inbox Jaunt is a very active blog written by Lori Kennedy. She is a doodler and machine quilter. Some of her doodles have been published in some of the doodler books that have been coming out lately. She sends out the most blogs of anyone I subscribe to! She has several great tutorials on her site. One being the Seven steps to Free Motion Quilting .  Another one she has is 6 ways to ruining a quilt with Quilting . I could go on and on and on, but I think your starting to get the idea which is she has a lot of good ideas when it comes to quilting! Check out her blog, you won’t be sorry.

Eye Candy

For some eye candy till next time I’ll share a quilt designed by Tula Pink and quilted by Angela Waters. As you can tell it’s still on the quilt frame, no way finished by Angela all that empty space for her magic!  They joined together and wrote a book, which is being released next month called Quilt with Tula and Angela. Here are the links to Angela’s website and to Tula’s. Angela’s Tula’s


Angela and Tula BookWell, that’s enough for today! I’m finishing off from a quick weekend in Illinois where my Grandson Owen was baptized. It’s always great to see my family and some of my grandchildren. This little guy is really a happy little boy! He laughed through the entire service, even when they poured the water on his head! What fun! So till we talk again,

Enjoy every day, as we love to create no matter who likes it or doesn’t, we loved making it for them!

Cathy  😀


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