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The Splendid Sampler

I’ve noticed some great places which have free quilt patterns and blocks, I mean lots of blocks. Pat Sloan and her partner in crime Jane Davidson started a block sampler with award winning quilters as the block designers. At the  present time there are 54 blocks. The blocks started Feb 14 2016 and runs through the first week of March in 2017, a full YEAR of 6″ blocks, 2 per week! The website is packed with giveaways and discounts on classes, you name it! They have a list on the right hand side of the page with the name of some of the block designers! If you want to find all the past blocks, click on the tab on top named “Blocks and Bonus Projects”. It’s amazing! Take a few minutes to browse through and glance at some of the blocks, they are beautiful! Now you can create your own Sampler Quilt!

All People Quilt

I never realized this site was run by American Patchwork & Quilting! If you visit their site, you will be amazed by the information and patterns. They have a great button in which you click “color play”. You are going to love this button!! This button will take you different patterns in the colors you like. It also takes you to the latest trend colors. Lots of fun! There is also a link to Pat Sloans podcast where she interviews award winning quilters from around the world.  Lastly, seasonal door hangers are adorable! There is so much more and you can subscribe to their newsletter.

Fat Quarter Shop

The Fat Quarter Shop is run by Kimberly Jolly and she has an amazing website. She sells all kinds of pre-cuts and notions. There are many sites who sell these items, but the other things she has is what makes hers so special. If you click on the free Quilt Patterns it’s unreal what you get. When you arrive on the page, you first see a list of every fabric company you can think of and more. Each one is a link to their free pattern page. Below this list is a list of the free patterns from the Fat Quarter Shop. Each one of their patterns includes a video. And if that isn’t enough for you, move on over to YouTube. They have their own channel with hundreds of videos with instructions on patterns, including many notions and rulers. Remember those specialty rulers we have all purchased with no idea what we bought them for? Well, you might find a new quilt to use them on at this website! Check it out!


On some sad news, I’ve just heard the magazine Quilters Newsletter will no longer be published. This magazine was about the actual quilting of our quilts. It’s been a wonderful magazine and it’s sad to see it go.

Also, AQS has decided not to publish anymore books! They are going to continue their magazine and concentrate on their shows and their online classes IQuilt. So many changes! I’m sure their are a lot of authors out their very sad over this decision.


I just wanted to talk about scissors. Mainly applique scissors. I’ve been reading a lot about applique scissors and I’ve been doing a lot of applique and I think the best ones on the market are Kay Buckleys. I also like Kai as they have similar serrated blades. If the blades are serrated, you don’t get any of the shredding when you have to trim close to the seam. I own all 3 of her scissors but I use the small green handle for applique. I use the small red handle to remove stitches if I ever need to do so. 🙂 Notice the serrated blades on the green scissors. Try them, you will love them.



  1. If you are working with metallic thread and don’t have a thread stand, grab a glass with a straw, it will work perfect!
  2. If you want to keep your bobbins with your thread, use a golf tee and put a pony tail holder around the bobbin to keep it from unraveling.
  3. If you need a teflon foot and don’t have one, just put some scotch tape on the bottom it will slide along just fine.


Enjoy every day, as we love to create no matter who likes it or doesn’t, we loved making it for them!

Cathy  😀




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