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Good Evening! I’ve been busy making two new baby quilts for my new twin grand babies! Always a fun time even when they are number 9 and 10 for me and our second set of twins! Can’t wait to visit them this week!

EmbroideryM.O.M on Facebook

A new group has been formed as of November and already has over 3,000 members. These are 3 women who saw a need for talented women wanting to share those talents and do not have access to a large platform. The “Mom’s” run live videos instructing on all types of quilting and embroidering. During the live show, you can type in questions and they will answer them! It’s just like being in a class! This Thursday, January 19th at 7:00 p.m.EST, Nadine Willis Knecht will be doing a live show on Cutwork embroidery. You need to say your attending since it becomes a “private group.” After the class, it will be posted in the video’s and members who couldn’t attend can watch it later and see all the questions that were asked. What a wonderful way to watch a class!

This group is really a great find! The files they already have in 3 months are amazing, not to mention the existing videos they already had to watch! Who knows what they have up their sleeves next!

Kathleen Quilts Live

Kathleen is a remarkable long arm quilter! Her work is all over social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and she has come up with a new idea for instruction. She has “live classes”.  She teaches in several different ways, private, group or as a consultant on your quilt. What a wonderful way to learn how a professional would quilt YOUR quilt.  You can then use her expertise and do the quilting yourself!  Kathleen also has live classes you sign up for and one is coming up at the end of Quilting For the Crazy, March 26, 2017. 1PM-4PM!

Ryan’s Cases for Smiles

I have just started running a group to support Ryan’s Cases in my area, which is Mesa, AZ. Ryan’s Cases supplies pillowcases for each child admitted into your local hospital. In the Phoenix area, they give an average of 700 pillowcases away each month. When I heard those numbers, I was flabbergasted! 700 children in this area go to the hospital in a month and that is just in the Phoenix/Mesa area! Imagine Chicago, New York, or any of the large city in America! So, I packed up all my children’s fabric I had at home in Colorado before we headed to Arizona and invited our entire RV park to join me in my adventure. This week is our first meeting and I have 25 people signed up and many “just coming!” Our park owner had the men in the shop make us an ironing station and I brought all the cutting supplies I could find from home so we should be set! I have 10 kits cut so the first 10 who walk in can get right to sewing and the rest can start ironing the fabric (pre washed) and cutting! Hopefully this will become a weekly meeting!

If you have anytime and would like to make a pillowcase, they will always take just one! There are many drop off places across the country and Canada located on their website.


Until we talk again,

Enjoy every day, as we love to create no matter who likes it or doesn’t, we loved making it for them!

Cathy  😀





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