Embroidery Thread Charts, Panels and a Perfect Log Cabin!

A Perfect Log Cabin

Do you ever make a block and it’s larger or smaller than it should be? Have you sworn you had a perfect 1/4 inch stitch! Well, Generations Quilt Patterns has a solution for you! She explains a great way to make a Perfect Log Cabin block! Her step by step instructions are the best I’ve ever read. She walks you through making a Perfect Log Cabin block. Take a look, it’s really worth your time. Generation Quilt Patterns!

Fabric Panels!

Sew in love with fabric has a great blog about kids quilts! When I looked at the free patterns (from the companies of the fabric), I saw all the things I could do with a panel! There are so many adorable panels in quilt stores right now and this blog gives you 5 different ways to cut them up and make them originals.  No longer a panel of fabric with borders.  Take a look and I’m sure you will want to download the patterns like I did! Sew in Love with Fabric  Also, if you want to head over to Needle & Foot’s blog, she has instructions on how she made baby blocks with her panel.

Help with your Embroidery hoop!

I read lately about this nice little add on to your embroidery hoop, Pencil Grips! I found mine on Amazon but many people found theirs at dollar stores. If you cut them in half they work the best! Anything to help me tighten my hoops is helpful!

Mine from Amazon.








Embroidery Chart

I came across an helpful embroidery chart from A Stitch in Time Designs. Here is a sample of what she has on her chart, but this is just a small section. The actual chart comes with information on all towels, shirt sleeve information, shirt pocket, pillowcases and Ties. She also has nice pictures to help you understand the placement measurements. Adult and Child sizes! The link will take you to her Facebook page as she keeps her group files on Facebook and not on her site anymore. Definitely a group you will want to like! A Stitch in Time or Embroidery Room Reality on Facebook.



As winter comes to an end we will be leaving Arizona and start our journey back to Colorado. It was a productive winter with my Ryan’s Smiles pillowcase challenge. We ended up donating over 200 pillowcases to our local hospitals.  I also finished a quilt for one of my daughters which has taken me over 2 years to finish. I’ll post a picture of the quilt when we get to a place where I can display a king size quilt, there aren’t too many places in a 5th wheel! 🙂 I hope you had a productive season also, tell me what you’ve been doing? I’d love to hear!

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Enjoy every day, as we love to create no matter who likes it or doesn’t, we loved making it for them!

Cathy  😀








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