Catching Up on the New Year

Happy 2018! How did that happen?? The years seem to be flying past me but I don’t feel any different. Don’t know how my kids are growing older and I’m still 25! And how could I have 11 almost 12 grandchildren? Anyway………..

Bleeding Quilts

Have any of you had a quilt that bleed? I have! I made a monster quilt with tons of applique and embroidered the saying around the quilt. I loved it and couldn’t wait to give it to my grandsons! Then I washed it, I couldn’t believe the red had bleed! I had prewashed the fabric, used synthrapol and retain and thought that would take care of it! Boy was I wrong! I still have that quilt as I made another for my grandsons and didn’t use the same red  fabrics! This time it was a success! I wish I would have read the article from Suzy Quilts on how to remove the bleeding before remaking the quilt! She tells a great technique that maybe time consuming, but not as consuming as making it over! Read the article here  Fix Fabric Bleeds.  If you like her blog, sign up and she will send you a pattern named Bow and Arrow. Looks like a great pattern to try out Modern Quilting!

Flipped Seams

Julie Cefalu from The Crafty Quilter has written a great article about flipped seams. We all get them and it’s so frustrating when you want to fix them. She gives some good ideas to help prevent this from happening. It’s one of the best tips I’ve found, it made me go directly to my machine and make sure the throat plate and my Sew Steady were even.

IPad Case

Super Mom No Cape IPad Case

Super Mom No Cape has a nice tutorial for a nice envelope cover for your IPad. She also has some great recipes on her site! Check them out and I’m sure you won’t be sorry!

Elegant Vine Applique

Stitch this has a very interesting feature on Yoko Saito’s techniques and video. Martingale has published a book  Yoko Saito’s Strolling Along Paths of Green, where she shares her technique for getting the skinniest, slenderest, slimmest stems and vines you’ve ever seen. Her technique is truly amazing and you see why she wins 1st prize often for her work. She makes it look so easy just rocking your needle making small stitches. I don’t think the average quilter could make such perfectly spaced stitches in such a small area!



I’m doing 2 BOM’s this year. One is Taos from Keepsake Quilting. Since moving to our new home in AZ, some of my quilts don’t quite fit our new surroundings. I thought this was a beautiful quilt and a king size which is unusual for BOM’s. I really wanted to make something with paper piecing, but

fell in love with this quilt and I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing! Hopefully I can keep up as I need this quilt for my master bedroom.


The second BOM is from Homespun Hearth called Twilight Song. I chose this pattern since it has a lot of complicated blocks because I like to push myself with a new challenge. So far that is exactly what has happened! I’ll keep you posted on this one too!


Here are my first two blocks for Twilight Song. I hope to get started on the 3rd and the first block of the Taos this week.





We’ve just returned from a three week vacation in Maui with two of my favorite couples. We had never been there before and enjoyed our friends being tour guides. The time went to fast, but I’m glad to be home though and glad to get back to some sewing!

As always,

Enjoy every day, as we love to create no matter who likes it or doesn’t, we loved making it for them!
Cathy  😀

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