All about Bags!

I thought I would write a short Blog guiding you to some neat places to get bag patterns and tips. These are my favorites and places I go for tips for making them look better every time!

Sara has at last count 157 bags patterns on her site. She writes a blog and has great tutorials. The one I like most is putting piping on a bag! Wonderful tutorial! You can follow her anywhere, Facebook, Instagram, her blog or just bookmark the site for her tutorials when you decide to make a bag!

This site is amazing! They have a bag of the month, tutorials, supplies you name it, they have every thing you need on this site! Well designed and easy to navigate through to see what you like!

Lisa has been making bag patterns since 2011. She has bag, wallet, and laptop/messenger bag patterns on her site. She has patterns that have been in many magazines and featured on other blog sites. Right now she has a free pattern for a flip purse on her home page.

Erin has a some really nice patterns! All of her patterns are PDF downloads. You can follow her on her blog and she is very active on Instagram!

New Products

Creative Grids® Stripology Squared by Gudrun Erla # CGRGE2

Cut fabrics into the most popular pre-cuts on the market – 1 ½” and 2 ½” strips, as well as, 5″ and 10″ squares. Follow the easy-to-read markings –squares for 2 ½” cuts; the stars for 1 ½” cuts – no math required! Includes markings to square up half-square triangles, quarter square triangles, and blocks up to 12 ½”

Not too many things being announced right now as Quilt Market is about to begin! I’ll have a lot of exicting news as it comes in and I’ll share it with you! It’s so much fun to go to Quilt Market but exhausting! You hardly remember what you purchased until it arrives or if your lucky enough to have picked up a couple of goodies, check your bags!

I have been busy playing with my new Brother Dream Machine 2. The features have continued to amaze me. I’ve just finished making 16 placemats for Thanksgiving in which I scanned into the machine, drew onto the screen where I would like it to make my stitches and let it stitch with Metallic thread. I could then save it and use the same design for all 4 of the same placemats. After it was done stitching with the metallic thread, I then had it stipple around the design. Afterwards, I made large crosshatch lines on two columns on the side and only had to mark them with a small tick where I wanted to line up. I could then use the laser to sew straight to the tick!

I am having lots of fun with this new machine! I’ll post a picture of my placemat when one is complete. After I finish the placemats I’m going to tackle some beautiful painted fabric I purchased in the Amana Colonies! Large sweeping flowers in which I see lots of detailed stitching!

Enjoy every day, as we love to create no matter who likes it or doesn’t, we loved making it for them!

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